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TTS Initiatives

Areas of  Support

Students on Stairs

 Supporting the Dream to Higher Learning

The Triangle Society gives help to deserving students seeking support to higher learning opportunities through the TTS scholarship initiative. Scholarships are funded from businesses, fundraisers, community, and private donors to establish and maintain scholarship opportunities for academic excellence, leadership, and community involvement for Cass Tech students.


Making Cass Tech Beautiful

The Triangle Society supports initiatives to enhance the physical campus environment of Cass Tech, creating a conducive and inspiring campus for learning.  Since 2017, with the help of volunteers, TTS has conducted the annual Team Up to Clean Up Cass Tech project by purchasing supplies and securing resources from local businesses for landscaping, infrastructure improvements, and the creation of inspiring educational spaces.


Music & Performing Arts

Maintaining the Cass Tech Legacy in the Arts

The Triangle Society fosters the artistic talents of students by supporting music and performing arts programs.  Since 2016 with the support of the community and donations from major donors/fundraisers like Chicago news anchor Evrod Cassimy. TTS continues to provide instruments, equipment, and resources for performances, competitions, and artistic development that supports the excellence in the arts at Cass Tech.

Athletics & Academics

Cass Tech's Legacy Foundation

The Triangle Society encourages the development of athletic programs and facilities for student athletes by advocating for and securing resources for Cass Tech athletic teams to improve sports facilities, support college recruiting efforts, provide equipment & team uniforms and transportation, and support athletic training and competitions.


The Triangle Society contributes to academic enrichment programs, educational resources, and extracurricular activities to enhance the learning experience.  TTS secures funding from donors to provide access to educational materials, technology, and opportunities for academic and intellectual growth for Cass Tech students.

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