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Bridge Presentation DTE Beacon Park
Name change debate centers around Detroit's Cass Tech High School

Posted at 4:31 PM, Jul 01, 2020 and last updated 4:24 PM, Jul 01, 2020

DETROIT (WXYZ) — At Cass Technical High School, life-long Detroiters are weighing in on the school’s name and it’s significance, as well as if it should be changed. The school is named after Lewis Cass, a former slave owning governor who was also behind the Indian Removal Act.

“A lot of the focus has been on Mr. Lewis as a slave owner. Many miss the opportunity to see he was a teacher. He was looking ahead and Cass Tech was built to educate students,” says 1986 graduate Monique Bryant. Bryant now spends time as one of many volunteers cleaning up the area near the school.

She adds, “For me and the majority of alumni, the name must remain intact. Not only for me, but those coming behind us.”

However there are many with an opposing view including Pastor Mo, a Detroit activist who often speaks out in matters involving civil rights.

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