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The Triangle Society: How Detroit Cass Tech alums help students overcome challenges Women give back.

DETROIT – If you’ve lived in Detroit long enough, chances are you’ve met someone who goes to or graduated from Cass Tech High School.

The building that sits on Second Avenue in Detroit is the fourth building for the school and it has churned out so many people that have gone on to achieve huge success.

This week for Your Neighborhood, meet two women who are working to keep things on track. Tucked away on a triangle piece of land is one of the most well-known high schools in all of Detroit.

Big names like Shaun Robinson, Loni Love and Big Sean are just a few of the stars who are proud Cass Tech Alumni. Two names you might not have heard of are charged with preserving the legacy of this high school.

“By supporting and encouraging and doing all the things necessary for students to matriculate here at Cass Tech,” said Monique Bryant.

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