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DISCOUNT CARD FUNDRAISER Your generous support will help the Cass Tech - AP Math Class go to a special education day at Cedar Point, OH The Triangle Society is sponsoring a fundraiser to help the Cass Technical High School AP Math Class attend a special education day at Cedar Point in Ohio. They are asking for your support. But the good news is they are not just asking for money . . . they are making sure you benefit as well! They will be selling discount cards this year from Xtraman Fundraising. In addition to the discounts listed on the back of the card, these discount cards are accepted for discounts all over the area. All kinds of restaurants from sandwich shops and burger joints to casual and fine dining as well as retail shopping, entertainment, movies, the works! AND . . . it's not just here in Michigan that you can save! Your card is good at over 300,000 locations all across the country! Keep it with you and save no matter where you go. Cass Tech Discount Cards will be available soon, but you don't have to wait to order yours! Orders are being taken now and cards will available for delivery in early January. Or, if you prefer, you can go to this special website and make your purchase online and your card will be mailed (or delivered) to you. Don't live in the Detroit area? No problem! Remember these cards are good all over the country. So if you live in a different city (in any part of the country) but would like to help the Cass Tech HS AP Math Class . . . You can still purchase a card (either directly through them or on the website above). They will benefit from your support and you will benefit from the savings right in your home area. On behalf of all the Cass Tech AP Math students . . . THANK YOU! 

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